Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 25, 26, 28 workouts

Jan 25 elliptical 9.1 miles 43:00

Jan 26 elliptical 10.5 miles 50:00 0-15min Level 1.....15-35 Level 2.....35-50 Level 3
----It has been nice to workout longer now. I have been getting up earlier to make it a priority and I really enjoy it. I seem to really get into a zone after 40 minutes.

Jan 28 outdoor run 4.15 miles 42:08 pace 10:09
temp: 34* with a windchill of 30*......gear: headband, gaiter, gloves, Chill Chaser LS, Tek Gear SS with a cotton long sleeve on top, jacket, Chill Chaser tights, Fila tights, shorts, hydration belt, tunes
---Was SO nice to get back out this morning. After we got seriously dumped on this last weekend, I was wondering how the sidewalks would be. For the most part, everyone has done a great job of having their walks and driveways clear, though there were a few spots where I had to pull a U turn due to someone not shoveling their walk on the side of their house.

So now my quandry: 1/2 marathon training.

I really would like to start some sort of 'training' next week as that will put me 12 weeks out from the 1/2. However, I am a morning runner and the only mornings that I have free to run are Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Higdon's 1/2 plan calls for 4 runs a week (I think) and I dont really want to run Saturday, Sunday, Monday all in a row as I havent run 3 days in a row. I was JUST starting to run 2 days in a row this past fall.
Any suggestions? If there is a plan that is 3 days a week, I would love to see it!
I am sure I could run some evenings but I dont want to make that my primary run time.

Any suggestions on what to do??


  1. I have followed Hal Higdons program for the last 2 marathons that I have ran, and I am following it right now. I know it says 4 days. But I just scatter my 4 days around. This week I am running Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. Next week it could be different. I am just very flexible. I know that there are some 3 days plans out there, but I think they have you going longer mileage on those days.
    Kudos to you for braving the cold weather, I am staying hunkered down on the treadmill. Last year I ran in the snow a few times and I felt like I was do tire drills while running.

  2. Thanks Christa. I actually looked at his plan again and it has you running 3 days with a possible 4th but that 4th says 'or cross' so if I couldnt run a 4th run that week I can always do cross training. I would run Mon, Thurs and Sat and if I was able to, I would try to fit a short (2-3mi) 4th run in there...I did HH 15K plan last fall and really liked it so I hoped to stick with it for the 1/2....looks like I'll be able to!

  3. i think there's a half marathon plan in the book "run less run faster" and they are all about the 3plus2: three runs and 2 days of crosstraining. i'm doing their plan for a full marathon and i'm loving it!

    also, checkout the smartcoach app thing on you just enter in all your info and it creates a custom plan. i have some friends that love it!

  4. I've never heard of that book, I'll have to go see if my library has it. I had checked out the smartcoach (I think thats what it was) at runnersworld many many moons ago, but I think I should go check it out again =)
    Thanks, Dawn!

  5. It will be a challenge for you. I fyou mix in enough solid tempo and speed work outs -- you should do ok. This is a short version from RW.

    Week Tuesday Wednesday Sat/Sun
    1 4x400 3-mile tempo 6-mile long run
    2 4x800 4-mile tempo 8-mile long run
    3 3x1600 5-mile tempo 10-mile long run
    4 6x400 6-mile tempo 6-mile long run
    5 3x1600 4-mile tempo 10-mile long run
    6 4x800 8-mile tempo 8-mile long run
    7 6x400 6-mile tempo 10-mile long run
    8 4x1600 8-mile tempo 12-mile long run
    9 3x800 3-mile tempo 6-mile long run
    10 4x400 2-mile tempo Half Marathon

    Good luck.

  6. C2, thats the hard thing about the HH plan, is that is just lists miles, not how you should run them...I am a new runner (just started last July) so its hard for me to know when to run a tempo/recovery/easy/intervals etc...I may have to go check out the RW smartcoach!

  7. I just saw that you are a homeschooling mother! How awesome!

  8. Wow, C2Iowa put up a lovely plan for you there. =) You're a new runner, so you say, but at least you know how to run tempos/recover/easy/intervals etc. I look at those words and think "Uuhhhh...what?" and then just step out the door and run. Except recently. When I haven't run a step. *sigh*

    I was going to suggest just blowing off one of the Higdon runs per week if you need to. The world won't fall apart.
    Good luck on your training!!! Have fun with it. =)

  9. Pretty sure Jeff Galloway's plan calls for three days a week.