Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan 29 and 30th workouts

Welp, it looks like we are getting more snow in the next few days. But I am hopeful it wont be as much as last weekend.

This is hubby shoveling our backyard to make a path to the shed last weekend. A small dog would get lost in that stuff.
He brought in some icycles for the girls to play with. No worries, they were NOT allowed to suck on them and had to wash their hands good after they were done. I am such a boring mom. I don't let them eat raw cookie dough, or lick the brownie batter bowl either. I have to make it up for it by doing cool stuff like building forts and painting 80 fingers and toes. Good mom points, right there.

Our driveway last weekend. I shoveled only HALF and it took me a little over an hour. Thank the LORD for good neighbors who them plowed the rest.

Random picture. This was from my 5yr old. It was actually a school worksheet. We were studying about Japan last year and they were suppose to color in the flag and write a sentence or two about the flag below. She asked if she could draw a doll on it instead and since she really only 'sits in' for this portion of school, I told her she could do whatever she wanted with it.
This is what I got. Not sure if its a picture of a Mommy as a 'funn doll' or Jaidy as a 'funn doll'. Cute, nonetheless.

Made cookies for the neighbors today. The peeps on the left plowed for us last weekend and the peeps on the right always give me extra coupon inserts every Sunday. I 'accidently' made too many, so I had to eat these ones.

Ok, workouts:
Jan 29 outdoor run 4.32 miles 45:32....10:32 pace. 30* no wind. Gear: headband, neck gaiter, CC LS shirt, TK SS shirt, TK LL shirt, CC tights, FILA tights, shorts, tunes, hydration belt *just so ya'll know, I put all this clothes info here for my benefit, it helps to go back and see what I wore in what kind of temps for future runs. I am not posting it to show my (lack of) running fashion*
This run almost didnt happen. I was hyper happy on Friday when the temps soared to a balmy 40 something degrees thinking that it would melt more snow and ice and my run on Saturday would be that much more obstacle free.
I forgot one very important point. That the temps would dip low enough Friday night to FREEZE all that snow and ice that melted the day before. Grrr.
I got out the door at 7am. It was still pretty dark though it was JUST starting to get light out.
I noticed what looked like diamonds all over my driveway which, ya know, would normally be an exciting and 'magical' experience. But I knew what that meant. Ice.
I decided to try it anyway thinking maybe my driveway (and street....and sidewalk...) were the exceptions. I think I would have fared better if I had thrown ice skates on instead of running shoes. But I'm not an ice skater. Quads all the way for me baby. I was a rink rat to the EXTREME, showing off my FLY moves and bustin' it all out in the 'dark' skate with my super slick glow in the dark rose.
Dont pretend you didnt love the skating rink. Throwin' down some serious backward skating to Bel Biv Devoe was the THEM was the days, baby....
*ahem* Anyway...
I walked down the street (a hill) and, wow. It usually takes me 5 minutes to walk down the hill and it took me over TWICE that long as it was so slick. I alternated between the sidewalks and the street, which ever place looked less 'magical'.
I got to the end, started the Garmin and started to run on a level side street. The sidewalk wasnt so bad but I had to stop every 10-15' to walk/crawl/slither over large ice patches. It took me FOUR minutes to run .25 miles. I stopped the garmin and reset it thinking I could find SOME stretch of sidewalk around there that would be clear enough for me to do some 'back and forths' on.
I did, plus a hill next to it. So I did that a few times and then decided to get brave and venture further into the neighborhood and by this time the sun had come up and made the world 'normal' again. The sparkles were gone and the sidewalks and roads became much less slippery. I still had to deal with large ice patches from the melted, and then frozen, snow. But at least they were easy to see and slightly spread out versus the slickery everywhere surface of 20 minutes ago.
I wanted to do 7 miles but was pretty fed up by about 4 miles-ish so I called it a day.
Glad to have gotten the run in but boy, I cant WAIT for Spring.
Jan 30 elliptical 25:00 5.25 miles....2/1 intervals.
Warmed up for 10 minutes and then commenced intervals. Two minutes of 'cant hardly breathe I am going so hard' to one minute of ' huffing and puffing trying to get my breathe'. I actually love those workouts.
Hoping to get a 'mill run into tomorrow. Considering actually BUYING one of these bad boys but dont want to spend more than $200-$250 (so, used, obviously)...has anyone bought a 'mill off Craigslist?
Also, what is your favorite running 'workout' (tempo, long run, intervals etc...)?
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  1. Long runs are my favorite!!!! Your girls are the cutest!! SO much snow, don't freeze. K, those cookies look amazing! GREAT WORKOUTS. Your comment made my day, thank you for being way too nice to me. LOVE YA GIRL!

  2. We bought our treadmill from Cragslist last year. Matter of fact, last year this week- so I guess it is my 1 year anniversary with me and my mill. We just figured out exactly what we wanted and what amount of money we wanted to spend. Then we went a looking. I would figure out what it is that you want/ need and then be patient- I am sure something will pop up.
    As for favorite- as much as I dread them, I think the long runs are my favorite. I think that is because each of them is such an accomplishment.

  3. Great job with your workouts!

    Your girls are so cute- they deserve to lick the icicles at least once! :))

    I think a TM would be a great investment for you. I got my old one free from a neighbor- just do some research...Maybe post on RW.?

  4. Running on the ice is a whole different kind of workout, that's for sure!!! :-)