Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jan. 3, 4, and 5th workouts

Jan 3: 7.5 mi, elliptical 34:30
Jan 4 10mi, elliptical 45:10

Jan 5: 3.9 mi, 43:08, 20* no wind, gear: headband, neck gaiter, buff (yep, I doubled up), Reebok tech short sleeve shirt under a LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, 2 pr cheapie gloves, Chill Chaser tights, FILA tights, shorts, hydration belt tunes, Garmin....NEW SHOES!!!

Wow, that is a lot of 'gear' as I type it all out!

This was my first run in my new shoes, and the first run in 10 days. I got sick with a cold last Thursday so I knew I needed to stay out of the cold for awhile AND I need to give my legs a chance to recover from their time in the ol' 7 yr old Nikes.

Today's run went well.
That time would actually make me scratch my head most days, but on a day like today I was actually quite pleased.
I set out for my run with no set route and SOMEHOW ended up on a route that took me uphill for the first 2 miles.
On snow covered ice.
THAT was fun. Then I was doing the tip-toe tango over MORE snow covered ice and 'pure' ice, for the next 1/2 of the run off and on. BUT even with all that, it felt SOOOO great to get out there.
Wearing the neck gaiter and the buff was a great idea as well. I'm so smart. =)

Last time I ran with my neck gaiter when it was cold I wore it on my face for the first 15min or so and then pulled it down when I got warm. Well, LATER in the run I wanted it back on my face again, only to discover that it had FROZEN! So I wore 2 today so I could save one for the the last 1/2 of the run. SO glad I did as my first one was frozen STIFF!

I am hoping to get out there again on Saturday for a bit of a longer run. Hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. Brrr! I can't even imagine the gaiter froze like that.

    So glad you got a garmin! And that the shoes are workig out well- careful on all that ice. Don't get too crazy. I agree it's good you kept it slower, rather than risk slipping.

  2. I had one freeze on me one morning as well. I nearly slipped on the ice I was laughing so hard.

    Do you have the footpod for your Garmin, to track your indoor running??

  3. yay for the new shoes!!!

    wow, i've never frozen my are seriously hardcore :) be careful on the ice. keep the stride short and feet under you.

  4. ERG-it was quite a surprise to me as well!
    Nej-I dont have the footpod as I really REALLY hope I dont run indoors enough to ever feel like I need it! =)
    Dawn-I noticed my stride was shorter and I landed differently too which felt weird, but I didnt fall! =)