Friday, March 4, 2011

The inner cheetah...

Hi folks!
I am breaking my 'once-a-week' posting streak, hope you can handle it! =)
I had such an AWESOME run last night and wanted to share all that running joy with my bloggy running buddies (cuz everyone else couldn't care less) =)
So I'll get you up to speed with this weeks workouts:

Mar 1
'mill run, 4 miles 40 minutes...this was a bit difficult towards the end. My tempo runs are probably more accurately called 'progression runs' as I run the first mile easy and then up the tempo every so often after that. Mile 1-11:00, Mile 2-10:20, Mile 3-10:10, Mile 4-9:10.
elliptical 4.2 miles, 20:00...warm up before hitting the 'mill
'mill WALK 3% incline 1.5miles, 24:00...had a very big lunch so I wanted to burn off a few of those unnecessary calories. Felt good to boost the HR for a bit!

My 9yr old took this. She ROCKS the grainy photo look. She does blurry to a T as well.

Mar 2
elliptical 9.6mi 45:00...pregression, 15 minutes Level 1, 2, and 3
billy goat climb on the 'mill .88 miles, 15:00, incline 12%...this totally kicked my trash. And I loved EVERY horrible minute of it.
'mill walk 1.8 miles, 30 minutes 5% incline with 3# dumbbells...I had no restraint when it came to the GS cookies after lunch today so I had to get my tush movin' in hopes of reversing the damage. Even added 3# dumbbells to speed up that calorie burning lovliness.

Mar 3
OUTDOOR RUN 4 miles, 36:27 (9:07 average pace), 52*....This run ROCKED like a grandma! Oh how I loved it. I ran the first mile at 10:30 and then just kept upping the tempo as I went along. Threw some strides in and took the up hills a little harder than usual. At the 3.1 (5K) mark I was around 28:37 which is only a minute slower than my fastest 'official' 5K time from last October! I ran this at an uncomfortable pace but it was totally managable and I felt like I could have gone longer!
I think I ran that last mile close to an 8 minute mile which is pretty neat. One of my goals this Spring is to run an 8 minute mile. Just one! That's not too much to ask, right? The weather was perfect and I got to run into the sunset and come into the home stretch as the sun had gone down and the sky was a BEAUTIFUL blue. These are the nights dreams are made of people. =)
My post-run reward was a DELICIOUS piece of pizza (food tastes SO much better after a hard workout, don't you agree?) and a nice hot shower (uninterrupted by the small fry in the house). Bliss. PURE bliss.
elliptical 6.5 mi, 30 min, 15 min each at level 1 and level for this day was at night, so I got a little bit of cardio in, in the morning too.
'mill walk .68mi, down after the elliptical

Mar 4
elliptical 9.9mi 45:00, level 1 and level 2...felt good this morning. Was concerned my knees or legs would be yelling at me after last nights run, but nothing. Such good little knees. So obedient.
'mill walk .62, 10:00 3% incline...cooldown after the elliptical


So, next week I am starting that crazy popular '100 pushup challenge' which could also be named 'how to inflict torture upon yourself voluntarily'. Wowzer.
Is anyone else doing this or has done it? To say I am nervous would be an understatement. My upper body is CRAZY weak. I tried to do the 'man' pushups and could not. Even. Do one! So I went to the girlie pushups they had on the site and did 5 (that 6th one was too shaky to count) and my pits were screaming at me this morning! *sigh* You just don't realize how much you need your pits on your side until they turn against ya.

What's your favorite upper body exercise?

Do you lift weights regularly? If so, how often and how long does it take you?

What is your favorite time of day to run, morning, mid-day or night?

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  1. I started the pushup challenge once, but kept forgetting to do my daily allotment. :-)

    My sister and I meet at the gym twice a week for strength training. It was three times a week, but we've started doing a yoga class on Monday am. It usually takes us about 45 minutes to do a complete circuit (upper and lower body).

    My favorite time of day to run, by far, is the morning. I feel so much better all day, when I start it with a run. Although, if I didn't have to get up in the am to go to work, I could see myself going for late night runs as well. Something about running when no one else is around makes it very relaxing.