Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another awesome Thursday

Thursdays are good to me. Last time I took a run on a Thursday (the 3rd) I had a rockin' 4miler with a overall pace of 9:06. That was a tough run but doable.
Today's run was also tough though not as tough as that one, but I am super pleased because I figured out how to get my Garmin to give me the mile splits of my run! WOO HOO!

Mar 24
OUTDOOR RUN 4miles 41:24, (9:12 avg pace) 45* with a windchill of 35*
Mile splits mile 1-9:40, mile 2-9:53 (lots of hills), mile 3- 9:20, mile 4- 8:28, last .5miles-4:01
It also told me my best mph pace was 6:41....wha'??? Musta been running from a burgler....or towards a burger. =) Oh and note to self: always pee right before you leave on a run so that your run doesnt turn into a tempo for reasons other than a speed workout =)
The run was pretty windy and it was oh so wonderful that it kept turning to see my oh so beautiful sweaty snotty face with every oh so curvy turn. Peachy.
However I do feel pretty rockin' that I managed to pull out that overall pace with that wind beating me up.
PLANKS (3 sets, first set 30 seconds, last 2 sets were 20 seconds each)
'MILL WALK...since I did my run at night, I wanted to get a little cardio in this morning so I opted for a 'mill walk. 34 minutes, 1.92miles, 0-10 at 4% incline, 10-20 at 5% and 20-30 t 6%

Do you do planks for upper body strength?
-I actually enjoyed it in a horrible self-torturing kind of way. I felt it really working my lower back and tummy. My core basically =)
What is your favorite post-run snack?
-Right now its chocolate milk! But I am open to suggestions!


  1. great workout ... keep it up

    chocolate milk is a staple for me post run

  2. after a long run i have been doing hot chocolate with some chocolate rice protein mixed in while i take my ice bath. its ben working pretty well.

  3. Mmmmm...chocolate milk. That's my favorite post run indulgence as well!!! :-)