Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mar 25-Apr 4 workouts and randomness

Hello dear internets! We Nebraskans have been enjoying the brief stints of Spring-like weather we have been having! We made a trip to the zoo on Sunday-our first trip of the year *Jaidyn on my lap, Skylar to my left and Savannah next to her, Ariel was taking the picture. We still think our zoo is the best EVER! This has become a new favorite breakfast of mine. Steamed broccoli flowerets over brown rice and topped with shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Really. How can you go wrong when its topped w/ shredded cheese?? This tasty little bread has become a constant in our house lately since it seems like our bananas have been in a race lately to see who can go brown the fastest.
And a couple pictures of my snacks lately. I've been having fun with plate arranging, but I'm not for hire, so don't ask.

*this was fresh strawberries, bananas and grapes topped w/ vanilla yogurt. Oh how happy my mouth was.
One of my favorite meals. Mom's homemade chicken soup w/ green onions and homemade dumplings. Triple yum.

Now for some workouts!

Mar 25: elliptical 45:00 9.1 miles ....tried to keep the HR in the 130s-140s


Mar 26: sit ups, push ups

Mar 27: 8 mile OUTDOOR RUN 1hr 23min 45 sec (10:28 avg pace) ....37* w/c of 25*....This run started out cloudy and the sun came out while I was running. Lovely. My splits were: mile 1(10:52), 2(10:30), 3(10:38), 4(10:09), 5(10:40), 6(10:34), 7(9:56), 8(10:23)...I was trying to keep my pace nice and easy. Don know what happened in mile 7 =) I also almost fell during this run. There was a HUGE lip on the sidewalk that I didnt see and the toe of my shoe caught it and I thought of sure I would go SPRAWLING but I did the funky propeller arms move and managed to not hit the ground. WHEW!

Mar 28: elliptical 50:00 10.5miles...0-20min level 1, 20-40 level 2, 40-50 level 3

mill walk 11:45 .75 miles4% incline



Mar 29: MILL RUN 4mi, 43:35


Mar 30: Mill walk 50:30, 3mi, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8% inclines (10min at each)

LOWER BODY WEIGHTS (using 8# weights for all of it now!)


Mar 31: elliptical 20:00 4.4mi (15min was at tempo pace, did this in the morning and my run in the evening

4mi OUTDOOR RUN 40:22 (10:06 ave pace) splits were 1(10:28), 2(10:25), 3(10:55), 4(8:33)


Apr 1: elliptical 40:00, 9mi (Tempo pace)

Apr 2: elliptical 30:00 1.7mi 4, 5, 6% inclines (suppose to be a cardio rest day but I had to do a little something) =)

SIT UPS, PUSH UPS, PLANKS * I did TWO man push ups today!!!! I couldnt even squeak out ONE before I started the push up challenge!!!

Apr 3: 10K virtual race 59:08 (9:32 avg pace)...Holy mother of tough, this was HARD!!! I didnt realize how hilly of a route I mapped out til I ran it! My splits were: 1(10:15), 2(10:06), 3(9:50), 4(9:33), 5(9:18), 6(8:34) and the last .2mi I ran in 1:29 which is an avg pace of 7:28!! I had a 10K on my training plan for today so I decided to 'race it' and see what I could do. I am anxious to see what I could do on a flat course. This was really really tough, but I felt SO good to get it done in under an hour!!

Apr 4: mill walk 50:00, 3.1mi, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8% inclines, HR between 130-160

PUSH UPS, SIT UPS, PLANKS (did 3 reps for 30, 35 and 40 sec each!!)

For laughs, here is my little guy from the other day. Mommy forget to ask 'Does anyone know where Josh is?'....

He's lucky he's so cute.

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  1. You crack me up with your food arranging "I am not for hire." =D

    There is some great running going on there- the 8 miles with a fall and 10k at under an hour!! Way to go...

    I'm looking forward to see what you can do when it's flat too!! Looks like you are improving a lot. WOOT!