Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is it true???

Has the sun turned blue? Have cows learned to fly? Can pigs talk?
SURELY something must have happened to make Anna post TWO days in a row!!!!

No, nothing except a really awesome 'long' run. I use quotes because 6 miles just doesn't seem 'long' to me after running 10 miles last fall, but according to my plan, its my 'long' run for this week. So saith Hal, so I do.

I was going to do this run tomorrow but the weather is going to be a little sketchy. Now, I have done 5 on the 'mill before, but I didnt want to push my luck and do 6, so I really wanted to run this one outside.
I mapped a new route and everything. I LOVE running in new places. How many of you drive around your city/town and notice where the sidewalks are? How often do you look around when you drive and think 'I would LOVE to run here'! Me? All. The. Time.
I actually love running on busy roads. I am sure the exhaust will kill me before too long, but to tell you the truth, I dont even notice. Which probably means I am too far gone already.
Order the headstone now.

Mar 6
6miles, 1hr 1min 19seconds (10:13 avg pace)... 35*, gear: headband, jacket, tech shirt, hydration belt, garmin, hydration belt, tunes, fila tights....I went out for my run at 3:45 after a FRANTIC afternoon of grocery shopping (got some good deals!), so that I could get HOME in time to get said run in, before dinner. I am REALLY starting to dig this afternoon/evening running! I did sacrifice a pair of gloves (thankfully the cheapie kind) and ALL my tissue to the road gods on this one as well. Boo.

I have been looking at the pace charts from McMillan and am a bit undecided as to what to do.
Ya see, last October 27th I ran an 'official' 5K race at 27:30. BUT on Thanksgiving Day, I ran a 5K at 25:30 (it was a virtual race, so I was the only runner) =) And I ran ALL. OUT. Like so out of control-gasping kind of running. I dont even think I would run that hard in a race, it was a bit embarrassing. So anyway, I typed both of those times in and printed out the 2 sheets that give me my training times. The 'endurance' times I get for the 25:30 race are all doable but the times under the 'stamina' have me a little scared. I just dont think there is any way I can maintain those paces for more than a mile, IF that! So I have been using the 27:30 sheet for my training runs.

However, today, on my long run, I tried to keep the pace NICE and easy and comfortable. When I hit the last mile, my pace was 10:05, and this route had a lot of good sized lengthy hills in it (that last mile had a .30 hill so I really held the pace back to make it all the way up). So I am wondering if I AM capable of those times on the 25:30 sheet...? Still nervous about it though.

BUT doing these hills on this run is making more confident that I can tackle the hills in the 1/2 I want to do in May (my first). Getting so excited for it!!


Do you have certain routes you take all the time on your runs or do you mix it up a lot?
I have a certain route but will add extra little twists and turns sometimes to mix it up, my route depends on the distance I am running.

What training plan do you follow?
I'm a Hal lova' all the way.

Do you loathe down/up hills or love them?
I LOVE uphills, feels like I am REALLY doin' something! The downhills I hate, if I run them correctly I always feel a bit out of control and silly looking =)


  1. GREAT run!!!! :) I ususally run the same routes around my house or I drive to a park or a local trail. Not much else around where I live :) I love Hal, too!! I used his training plan for my first half last October and it was great! And I HATE hills but I agree with you...they certainly make me feel like I conqoured something big when I make it to the top :) Keep up the amazing work Anna!!!

  2. Awesome run!!!

    I try to mix it up as much as possible...more for safety than anything. I run early in the am, without many people the more confused I can make my attackers, the better. (hehehehe)

    I used Hal's plan for my half marathon last year, and I made it through alive and I'll be sticking with him. :-)

    I have a love/hate relationship with hills. They do the body good and all....but I won't lie when I say I'm silently cussing them out as I'm running up.

    I enjoy the downhills, but only if I've been running a while and am loosened up. Nothing worse than trying to run downhill with tense or stiff muscles. Ugh! :-)

  3. Dang, you are FAST!!! It sounds like your training is going really well.

  4. You did a great run! Keep up the good work!

    Do you have certain routes you take all the time on your runs or do you mix it up a lot?
    I usually stick to my typical routes. I already know the miles and am comfortable.

    What training plan do you follow?
    No plan right now. I'm trying to get in shape for a plan though!

    Do you loathe down/up hills or love them?
    I hate up hills. I'm slow enough as it is without a hill slowing me down. Makes me feel all hippoish!