Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mar 22

Mar 22 workout:
4 mile run on the 'mill, 41:20...
Started out at 5.4 and upped the speed about every 1/2 mile. When I got to the 3mi mark I upped it to 6.5. I think that was a little drastic for me as I had to stop for a minute 1/2 way thru the mile to walk! But, I got back to it after that, upped it back to 6.5 and finished out the mile-tough stuff!
Not seeing the results here that I want. I feel like I am getting a little stronger but I'm not seeing any definition in my arms so I think I may need to enlist hubby to help me out. I am just doing 3 sets of biceps, shoulders, triceps and back, 12 reps each, using mainly 8 and 10# dumbbells.
I have the push up challenge on tap for tonight. This beging week 3. We had to do another fit test at the end of week 2 to see if we are ready to move on, and I'm NOT! SO disappointing. You have to be able to do 16 consecutive push ups to move on and I can only do 13 and the last one was TOUGH. And these are the KNEE push ups!!! It's very discouraging to see how weak my upper body is =( So, I am going to repeat week 2 I think and just add one push up to every set (which is what I did last week). HOPEFULLY then I'll be able to move on.
I can really feel that my weakest link in doing the push ups is my core. My arms always feel fine, but my lower bad and tummy area always feel very weak and trembly. So I need to work on that.

What are your favorite upper body exercises?

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