Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mar 23 workout and food stuff

Mar 23:
ELLIPTICAL 10.5mi, 50:00, 20min at level 1 and 2, 10min at level 3
LOWER BODY WEIGHTS...used 8# dumbbells for almost all of it! YAY ME!

Did the push up challenge last night and decided to repeat week 2 and add 2 push ups to each set, so I did 6/8/6/6 and on the last set I did 13. I always think I am doing well til I look over and see hubby cranking out an insane number of MANLY push ups like they're nothing. When I started this, I started at week 1, Column 1, He started on Week 4, column 3, so this week he started week 6 column 3 which means he did 45/55/35/30 and the last set he did 56. Crazysauce. PURE crazysauce. Maybe even with a side of Looneygravy.

So I did this post to show some of the healthy snacks I have been eating but I had to start by showing you this UBER yummy baked ziti dish I made recently. Yummiest. Thing. Ever. Made more epic by a side of homemade garlic bread.
Resist from licking the screen.

this is something I recently started doing (sometimes) to help me resist from eating a whole bag of naughtiness. I put my naughty foods in a baggie. This is 200 calories of reese's mini's, so i know i can eat ONLY out of this bag during the day if I want something sweet. Worked while I was doing it but I head dived out of the bandwagon. Need to hitch a ride again.

Here are some of the snacks I have been eating the last few weeks. I try to keep the calories between 100-200 per snack...

Don't be hatin' on the Lion King plate. Playing with the kiddos>doing dishes.

This was some pre-run fuel one day. That's 1/2 a pb and j sammy right there. Brings out the 6yr old in me. And I ran like I wanted to be the first one to the teeter totter afterwards.

Eyes were bigger than the tummy here. I had to save the yogurt for later.

I am trying (sort of) to eat healthier and eat less. I really REALLY want to lose this jelly belly but it's content to stay RIGHT where it is. I know my eating has to change. I am exercising enough so my eating has to be the only hold back. I am trying to stay right around or under 2,000. Most days I make it and when I go over, its usually only 100-200 calories more. I think part of the problem is I eat too much at one time. Keeping a food log has helped. But I tend to eat WAY too much at a meal and then make up for it by eating less at the next meal but that doesnt take away the fact that I ate too much at that previous meal, at which I am assuming my body stored all those extra calories as fat since I overate, yes?
So, how do you guys resist overeating?

What are your favorite HEALTHY and SIMPLE meals and snacks (I'm a mom of 5 remember so it HAS to be simple) =)

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