Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last 6 days

Wow, so, apparently this once a week posting is just going to be how I roll for a spell. Life is busy!

Feb 21
elliptical 11.4 miles, 55 minutes...just a nice easy, long elliptical workout. Made much more bearable by some Season 4 episodes of Little House on the Prairie =)

Feb 22

Feb 23
'mill run 2.7 miles, 3o minutes (11:06 pace)...was still nursing a bad tummy ache from the day before so I took this run nice and slow and had to cut it short (was suppose to do 3.5)
elliptical 3 miles, 14:00...warm up before the 'mill

Feb 24
elliptical 8.7 miles, 40 minutes
'mill run 1 mile 9:30...I called this a (finger quote) cool down, but it really wasnt, I just wanted to run =)

Feb 25
'mill 3.5 tempo 34:45 (9:55 pace)...This was actually a really good 'mill run for me! I didnt EVER think I could do a tempo on the treadmill. BUT I took this one a little faster at the beginning and SLOWLY increased the speed from mile 1-2.5 and then upped it every .1 miles the last mile and topped out around 7.3 which is CRAZY fast for me. I tried something new today that my friend has been doing, and that is alternating which foot you exhale on. For some reason doing this helped me control my breathing better and made this workout ALMOST enjoyable! =)
elliptical 4.3 miles 20 minutes...warm up before giving it to my 'mill like an evil step-mutha! =)

Feb 26
elliptical 12.6 miles 55:00 INTERVALS...Took it at a faster clip the whole time, but from minutes 30-41 I did 2/1 intervals...kept the pace around 14.1 when I was 'resting' and upped it to 15-15.5 when I was speeding up. Felt pretty good!
'mill walk: .6 miles 10minutes, 4% incline....cooldown

Feb 27
'mill run, 5 miles (Yes, FIVE!), 53:00 (10:35 pace)...I didnt know how this run was going to go. It was just to blechy outside to do a pavement run and as I am sure you know by now, the 'mill is NOT my first choice for a 'normal' run no less a 'distance' run (yes, 5 is 'distance' for me right now). But I thought I would just take the pace nice and SLOW and let myself quit after 3 if I wanted was hard even getting to THAT point!
Really, everything after 2 and a half miles on the 'mill is TOTALLY a mental thing for me. But I got to 3 and thought 'I'll try to get to 3.5', then that turned into 'well, I'm already here, might as well do 4', then of course it was, 'well, 4 has been the LONGEST I have run on the 'mill so lets see if I can buckle down and beat that'. =)
It actually wasnt too bad. I listened to my tunes, did the breathing technique I mentioned above, and watched some Iditarod reality type show on netflix.
It was quite funny, everytime the dogs would slip and fall, I felt like I was going to fall of the 'mill! It was like 3D without the glasses =) Yes, I'm that girl that dodges things in movies when they come towards the screen and totally get in to it when playing video games.
I'm a special breed.


So, what races do you have coming up this Spring?

Any hiccups in your training so far?

What do you like better, speedy 5K races, or the longer 1/2 and full marathon races?


  1. I have a 15K in two weeks. That one, I'm not concerned about at all. I can run 9 miles on any given Sat/Sun. The one AFTER that has me a little more concerned, a marathon (first I might add). After that I will have a couple of months of getting ready for a half in my town. THEN the training starts in earnest for the Portland Marathon.

    I have had a couple of foot and leg issues that have caused me to back off the training a little for the marathon, but I am not too worried about it, I am just planning on finishing.

    I would have to say the 10K and Pikermi are my faves right now, but then I have only been running races since last December, so what do I know.

  2. Nice week of workouts girl! You are doing very good! Keep it up!!

  3. Yeah...I've had a big hiccup in my training...
    But yours looks GREAT!

    It's funny how netflix helps the time fly, too.

    I can relate to the husky dogs falling effect...I feel totally unstable on the TM, until i've been on a while and then I am ready to get OFF.

  4. that's how i've been rolling too. i just can't seem to put my thoughts down on paper recently. good work on the workouts!

  5. You rock!!!!!! I haven't gone past 6 miles on a treadmill...and am not looking forward to the day I would ever have to! I was watching music videos on the mill a few weeks ago, at the gym. I had to stop watching, their dance moves were throwing me off. :-)

  6. Catching up on blogs here....AWESOME JOB running 5 miles on the treadmill!!!! That is great!! :) Keep up all the great workouts! You really inspire me...if you have 5 kids and can fit in exercise I certainly have no excuses! :)

  7. Saw your interview on Run Jodi Run! Great job! And even though you have "only" run 5ks, your times are amazing!

  8. You are SUPER speedy on that elliptical! Great workouts.

    Races: None, dangit.
    Hiccups in training: Yep. ITB. It seems to be behaving now though.
    Better: long distances. Though I wouldn't mind being fast as well. =)