Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb 3, 4 workouts

Feb 3 treadmill run (!!!!!) 3miles 32:00......upper body weights.....tradmill walk: 10 minutes at 15% incline 3 mph (totally kicked my trash), and then 5 minutes at 7% and 3.5 mph

Feb 4th elliptical 8 miles 34:40 speed kept between 14.5-15 mph. Got my trash kicked again.

I was suppose to workout this morning but I was kept up last night by an invading stomach troll who was reminding me that I ate a whole pie in less than 48 hours. Oh and doing so will also make the scale read that you are 2lbs heavier, but I am sure that's a mistake. Really.

Loved the new treadmill. Though I was hoping that it would miraculously make 'mill running EASY-PEASY. But no. I did like running on a new piece of wonderful, but the mill still makes me feel like a hamster. I AM thankful that nothing can derail my 1/2 marathon training plans now (except sickness or injury but let's pretend they dont exist, m'kay?)

I played around with it yesterday afternoon and took the incline to the max (15%) and kept the speed at 3 mph and WOW was that hard!! Did that for 10 min and then brought it down to 7% and upped the speed to 3.5 for 5 minutes. I am thinking I will do some 'hill walking' instead of my elliptical for a change up in cardio.

Also, does anyone know of any treadmill workout 'plans'? I have trouble doing any thing besides a regular ol' run on the mill. I think it would be fun to have different plans to try (other than the pre-programed ones). Eventually I would like to do my tempo runs on the 'mill but I dont know how to do that? Does that seem strange? Its very hard for me to push myself at all on the mill but I know its going to need to be done. I just dont know when to increase the speed, what to increase it to, when to decrease it etc. Outdoors, I run totally by feel. Slow down when I want, speed up when I want etc. But on the mill its much harder for me to do that...

Any suggestions?


  1. Your new treadmill is really spiffy! I've already told the Hubby that I'd really like one for Christmas!

  2. Thanks Abigail! it is my LEAST preferred way to run, but at least now I KNOW I can get my runs in ANYTIME! But give me outdoors ANYDAY =)

  3. Umm, 15%!?! That is amazing! :) Yeah, I have no advice for you since I am just as clueless! I kind of just speed up and slow down randomly, no real plan! :) LOL! Enjoy that new treadmill!!

  4. i thought the same thing when i got my treadmill (a hand me down that won't last us 5 years...but oh well). i imagined it magically making me want to run or making it easier to run. but its just like any other ' takes willpower and mental stamina to get on it, stay on it, and get those miles done. but over and over again i am so thankful for it!

  5. I love the progression plans on hal higdon - otherwise I just play with the incline and speed :) A walking hill workout can be such an intense workout!

  6. Thanks Paige, I'll have to check that out!

  7. Dang girl those're some great workouts. I'm jealous of you eating a whole pie, even though it gave you a tummy ache.

    Sickness and injury don't exist *hand wave* You will PR and feel fabulous *another hand wave*

    I'm being Obi Wan there, could you tell?

    Stick "Treadmill workout plan" in google and all kinds of fun things pop up. A few of the ones were walking ones, but there were some hill/speedwork ones. Have fun. =)