Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lots of workouts!

I'm still here! Sorry to have been neglecting you but its not because I wasnt 'gettin 'er done!' =)
Lots of workouts to post!

Feb 5th
treadmill run 2.8 miles 2% incline 31:00...This was a VERY hard treadmill run. I kept feeling 'off' and dizzy and just like I had NO energy, so while I wanted to run 4, I had to cut it short at 2.8. I think the fact that my hydration was lacking yesterday, I got a bad nights sleep and my body was TRYING to get sick all led to this run's demise. Thankfully I still ran a bit!

Feb 7th
elliptical 6.2 miles 30:00....Still not sick but I feel like its hiding in their somewhere, so I kept the workout short and easy

Feb 8th
treadmill run 3 miles 31:15....Tough run. Took the first mile easy and then upped the tempo in mile 2. SO out of breathe that I had to stop and WALK for 2 minutes! NEVER do I stop during my runs (unless its for traffic, an untied shoe...oh and I'd probably stop for pie)....was able to get back into and finish strong though.

Feb 9th
elliptical 10.1 miles 48:00...nice steady workout
treadmill .5miles 5:20....after the elliptical workout was done, hopped on the mil to 'cooldown' for a 1/2 mile.

Feb 10
treadmill run 3.35 miles 35:00...ran this tempo as a progression, first mile easy, 2nd mile upped the speed slightly ever 10th of a mile stopping around 6.5 and coming back down. Felt good.

Feb 11
elliptical 7 miles 33:00...ladder up in levels....0-11 lev 1, 11-22 lev 2, 22-33 lev 3
treadmill .5 miles 5:00...topped off the elliptical workout with a little runnin'

Feb 13 (the run that almost wasn't)
outdoor run 6 miles.....1 hour 4 minutes 43 seconds...34* no wind.....gear: headband, sunglasses, tech SS shirt, LS cotton shirt, gloves, shorts, CC tights, hydration belt, tunes....
Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! Great temps. Overnight temps not dipping below freezing. I thought 'oh good, no ice tomorrow morning!'
LOTS of ice. Lots and Lots and Lots. Killed my pace from .5 miles -2.5 miles. At the start of .5 miles my pace was around 10:15. At the end of that, it was 11:41! I finally found a stretch of clear road where I was able to do quarter mile repeats. Felt nice enough out to whip off the LS shirt 5 minutes into the run! I am afeerd that I am going to SWELTER if warms up to 71 degrees next week!
Felt great to get up in the higher miles FINALLY.

OK, I need your opinions:
Was going to sign up for the Lincoln 1/2 (great crowd support, flat course, over all great 1/2 marathon) BUT it sold out before I signed up. WAH!!!!!!!
Anyhoo...I have 2 other 1/2's to choose from close to where I live:

Gambler 1/2: starts at 8am, flat course May 23....bad things? Apparently the course is very dismal, not much shade (apparently last year or the year before it was REALLY bad-78* and humid at start time)...even runs thru a trailer park....also, its only in its 3rd year so probably still lots of kinks to work out. I heard they didnt even have port a pottys at the start line! You had to walk 1/4 of a mile to a park where there was only ONE two seater....

Papillion 1/2: starts at 730, very hilly course May 15th....very small race, I think only 329 people ran the 1/2 last year (I am terrified of coming in last! Dont know how many ran the GAmbler)...the only bad things I am hearing about this one is that its very hilly...

WHICH should I do? Hilly course where I am probably going to come in in the last 10 people, or flat course with no tree cover, and dismal course....??????


  1. Lincoln is sold out???? OH, just as well...hubby will be working...and I'd have to get a babysitter...for the first time ever! With only knowing of the other two through blog entries, I would probably choose Papillion, but hubs is working that Sunday too (Guess I need to update my race schedule). You are going to run Boystown 5 miler, right???

  2. Wow...sold out? I would go for the cheaper race =D and bring your own TP. Not sure about the shade, but maybe that could be a huge factor.

    Great workouts, BTW! Kindof nice when it's not icy =D

  3. Sold out? crazy.

    Solid workouts.

  4. Hey, girl!

    So there are a few ways you could do it. I would either take and add 10% to your total mileage a week for a few weeks and then keep it there, or cut a smidge back after 2 or 3 weeks, then go back to what you did last and add 10% again for a few weeks.

    The other route is to use a training plan for longer race distance, and then go back to the volume you had a week or two before your peak mileage week (after you have recovered from your race a week or a few days). You might alternate 30, 35, 25, or 35, 38, 40, 30 (rest), 38, 40, 42 for instance. If you feel like you are getting injured, you need to either back off the miles a bit, or drop some speedwork.

    Building miles and adding in more speedwork at the same time can cause problems.

    Sometimes you have to hold it at a certain volume for a while to let your body catch up.

    You could also google mileage buildup plans for marathons. Hope that helps :)

  5. Out of curiosity, where did you find the reports about those two other 1/2's? I was thinking about signing up for one of them....but haven't yet. I just signed up for the Lincoln not so long ago...I must have made it just before it filled up. Ugh! I'll need to remember that for next year.

  6. Really great workouts!

    I'm so sorry you didn't get in Lincoln. Poopy. For the other two, it really is a toss up between them. Are you any good on hills? If so, go for that one. If hills beat you up, then go for the other one. Maybe there's a third out there that you don't know about yet that would be wonderful?