Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 1 workout and Three Tangent Tuesday

First off....
ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'd insert the dancing banana emoticon here if I knew how....
I got a solid workout in this morning and did one of my favorite winter activities-shoveling. Is that weird? Probably. It fits with my personality. I AM the girl who would rather eat chili for breakfast than eggs and has 5 children.....=)

workout: 7.6 miles on the elliptical 36:00....0-12 lev1....12-24 lev2....24-36 lev 3....
Skip counting by 12s was apparently my thang this morning.
I also did lower body weights (did upper yesterday). It feels good to get back into that. I love feeling like my legs are made of some type of gelatinous substance..

Tomorrow will be another elliptical day, followed by a treadmill day on Thursday at the neighbors, a rest day on Friday and most likely my last treadmill run at the neighbors will happen on Saturday. I doubt this absurd amount of snow will go anywhere before then. Then I get my treadmill!! (almost typed 'breadmill', must be dinner time)...

So, Janae over at HUNGRY RUNNER GIRL has started these 'Three Tangent Tuesdays' and has encouraged her readers to do the same, so of course I will. I am a loyal stalker, er, I mean FOLLOWER of hers and do anything she says.
Now if you go over there, be prepared, she is WAY awesome. Please dont leave me for her. We can all be friends.
I'll give you ice cream if you stay!!! Or snow cream. Gotta lot of snow.

So anyway, for the Three Tangent Tuesday, you list 3 random things about yourself (random doesnt always mean interesting, I am actually quite a boring person), so here we go!

1. I love to shovel and rake! Oh I told you that already? Ok, point 2....

2. I have 4 girls and 1 boy in that order (incase you didnt know). Girls #1 and #3 are carbon copies (in looks and somewhat in personality) and #2 and #4 are carbon copies (in looks and personality. Boy, baby #5 is a wild card and a wild child. We just hope he makes it to see 5.

3. I have a fear of water, which is why I will never be in a triatholon. I also fear falling off my bike and breaking anything more than a nail, so duatholons are out too. I also fear movies like 'The Ring' (I seriously just got a chill typing that), and my children getting hurt (you would laugh if I told you how long I made them leave their training wheels on).


Now your turn, post 3 random things about yourself on your blog! Be sure to comment here and let me know so I can read it.

What are your fears?
How many children do you have or do you want?


  1. YOU MADE MY DAY!! Girl, thank you for saying what you did about me...I am OBSESSED WITH YOU!! 4 girls and a boy....wow, that is so so AWESOME! Water freaks me out big time too!
    Come shovel our driveway ha!

  2. First, Happy Birthday!!! Second, I stalk, I mean follow, Janae too and I have a little bit of a girl crush on her! ;) My biggest fear is heights....I am seriously petrafied of them!! I have no children yet, unfortunately, but the hubby and I just want one when we are lucky enough to have a baby :)

  3. Aw gee, thanks Janae =)
    My driveway is about all I can handle!! =)

    Kim, should we start a fan club? =)

  4. wow. 5? i am in awe. i had no idea!!!

    i'm with you re: the water. i will never do a tri...no matter how awesome everyone says they are...