Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A big surprise

Feb 2, 2011....elliptical workout 10.2 miles 50 minutes.
I am loving the longer workouts. For the longer ones, I am just trying to focus on keeping my heartrate in an aerobic frame of mind. However, according to this chart, I am still going too hard. After about 10 minutes, my heartrate was up in the upper 150s and I felt comfortable, so I dont know. Maybe I shouldn't hold tight to these numbers?

The Big Surprise?

This bad boy.
YEEE HAAAWWWW! Hubby had SAID he wasnt going to pick it up until Saturday (sneaky little thing). Then he got home last night and I noticed he was in the garage longer than he should have been, so being the naturally nosy gal that I am, I had to go see what he was doing.
And he was trying to pull this out of the van by himself. Now, he is a very fit, strong man, but I figured he would benefit from my 'big guns' (also known as dime store water pistols).
Yes, he and I got this treadmill into the house by ourselves. Him doing 98-100% of the work and me THINKING I was helping.

Oh you wanna see a closer up picture?

Here ya go (click on any picture to enlarge, she's a beauty)

Had to get her side profile. This is my little workout corner in the playroom, hence the blinding walls. You can still see my shoes back there on the elliptical. Yep, I just HOP right out of them after a workout and flip in the air and onto the ground.
It's the Asian in me.

Front view. Good GOLLY this thing is heavy. And its got so many neat gadgets!! It folds up as well, but I dont see myself ever doing that. I can also plug in my music and listen to it thru the treadmill speakers. It also monitors your heart rate with a chest strap (and has heart rate based programs) but I dont know if it came with one...does anyone know if the heart rate strap that comes with the Garmin 305 will sync with this? And its OH so quiet. *bliss*
You might be thinking 'That is SOME treadmill for $600!' but hubby put down a pretty piece of change as well to upgrade that $600 to something a bit more in line with the elliptical I have there. We shopped a LONG time for that, I 'test drove' 2 or 13' ellipticals before deciding that that one was 'the one'.
Hubby had this all put together in about an hour too!

And I may or may not have already eaten a slice (or 3) of this this morning. Pie and milk is a square meal right?
Do you own any exercise equipment? If so, tell me about it
-Yep, an elliptical and now a treadmill and a set of 3,5,8 and 10lb dumbells, I count those too so they dont get left out
What's your favorite flavor of pie?
-A tie between French Silk and Banana Cream though I do love a good Pumpkin Pie with GOBS of whipped cream
What is your preferred time of day to workout?
-Definitely early morning before the kidlets wake up!


  1. Great job on the elliptical today! Congrats on the treadmill and that pie looks devine!!

  2. WooHoo on that new treadmill! Love it! I do have a treadmill but it's permanently stuck on an incline and makes me depressed to run on... so I go to the Y and let the old people make rude comments to me ;)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog - can't wait to read more of yours!

  3. Awesome!!! Congrats on the beautiful new treadmill!! :)

  4. look at that beautiful machine!!!! happy birthday to you indeed!

  5. Thanks Jodie
    BeePie-That stinks that its stuck!! glad you have the gym to fall back on though!
    Thanks Kim
    I love it Dawn =)

  6. "It's the Asian in me." You crack me up!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! (a few days late) :-)