Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feb 21 Chunky run

Calling this morning's workout a 'Chunky Run' is by no means a negative thing! I was just SO thankful to be able to run! After Sundays shoe-tastrophy, I didn't know if I would be able to run at all this week, but after a lot of prayer, this morning HAPPENED =)

FEB 21 Thursday workout, all on the 'mill 1% incline, broken up into chunks....
  1 mi in my old old shoes
  2 mi in my old shoes
  2.5 mi in my new shoes (which didnt bite my left food today! YAY!)
Followed it up with 3 set of planks (1:40 each)

I was super cautious with my run this morning. I wanted to avoid any pain in my left foot so I actually started this run in my OLD shoes (2010s that I cycled out last summer and demoted to just 'cross training' shoes)...did a VERY slow mile in those...then got off and switched to my current-but-ready-to-be-retired 2009s for 2 miles....then got off and switched to my new-but-sometimes-grouchy 2009s for 2.5 miles.
Here's what the line up looked like for this morning

I'm glad I'm able to run again. I need to get ahead of the calories as I just had THESE delivered to me yesterday...

Yes, a collective 'Uh oh' would be quite appropriate. I have the self control of a spring-time Grizzly when it comes to those sweet bits 'o heaven. Do they make peanut butter pattie flavored Gu? Cuz I'd be all over that like white on rice.

I've got a 14 miler on the plan for this weekend which will be my longest run yet!  BUT, we just got a whole mess of this today...

Doesn't look too bad there, but that was only about an hour in. Now we've got roughly 7 or so inches and it's still coming down and will continue thru the night! I am SO not a snow runner. I feel like I've got Fraken-feet when I have to run thru even an INCH of snow. Seven + inches would DOOM me.

SO, it looks like it might be the 'mill for me this weekend. The longest I've done on there is 7 miles so the thought of doing double that leaves me feeling a little intimidated and twitchy....
I'm trying to pick which fuel I want to try for this weekends long run...
Here is my little 'fuel drawer'...

Cliff Bloks, Hammer Gel, Sharkies (found them at Wal-Mart!), Clif Gel, Gu, banana blueberry Gerber graduates (perhaps I better try that one on a 'mill run-might be a little embarrassing to pull that out mid-run in the middle of town! Got a good amt of carbs/potassium and a little sodium) and dried apricots.

Here is one of my new favorite breakfast:

I make a 1 egg omelet and put cheese on it when its done and let it sit in the pan so the cheese gets nice and melty. Then I roll it up, put a little salt on it and roll it up in a piece of deli turkey meat or deli ham. And then eat it with a piece of fruit (apple, banana, blueberries etc).  Sweet and salty is a great combo to start the day!  =)


  1. Haha, your running fuel drawer makes me laugh. Awesome selection! Good luck on your long treadmill run this weekend :)

  2. I know =) I have to have all my stuff in one spot or I'll forget about it! =) Thanks! I'm sure it'll be fine =)

  3. That breakfast is a far cry from the tasty Girl Scout cookies ;)

  4. Oooohhhh, their time is coming Michael...I have to eat really well for several days before opening a box cuz I kid you NOT, I will eat the WHOLE box in one day. No joke.