Monday, February 11, 2013

30 minute window?

FEBRUARY 11, 2012 Monday workout WEEK 7 marathon training
3 mi run with my buddy /neighbor: It was pretty windy and CHILLY this morning. We did a little speedier of a run and ran a 9:27 avg pace. The last .5 miles were up a decent incline and then a bonafide hill. Felt great to stretch those glutes out!
1 mi speedy run: My friend had a time constraint so we ran til we got close to her house, walked for a few minutes, and said our goodbyes. Then I turned around, walked a bit down the hill and started off for what I hoped would be a fast 1 mile.  My goal was sub 8. But I HOPED I could come in under 7:50. My avg pace was 7:41!  The last .3 of the run was up a slight incline (elevation gains were around 20 feet but it might as well have been Heartbreak Hill to my oxygen-deprived brain!)
I spit on myself twice (apparently saliva and I'm sure a little phlem dont project quite as easily from my pie-hole when its frigid!), and came *this close* to tossing my cookies at the end. It was definitely a race effort one miler.
115 push ups: I reached a goal last week of doing 40 x 4 sets of push up, thanks in part to the hundred push up challenge. I couldnt even do ONE 'real' pushups when I started the program a couple yeasr ago!  Now my goal is to work on form (I think I push my get-a-long a little to high up in the air, so I'm working on making sure my body is more of a straight line.
Anyway, I've been reading that is vital to fuel within 30 min of stopping your run/workout. Now I normally dont do this. I usually walk 5 min to get home at the end of my run, stretch and do my push ups and then shower. So by the time I've made my meal and am sitting down to eat it, its been a good 45 minutes or so.
This morning I thought I would try to refuel sooner to see if it made me feel any different. So I stretched and did my push ups and then ate this before I got in the shower:

This happens also to be my go-to bedtime snack. 1/2 of the Chobani yogurt container topped w/ 1/4c of Kashi Go Lean cereal. (I have to keep the 1/4c scoop in there or SOMEhow, 2-3x that amt 'accidently' ends up in my bowl).
So anyway, I ate a 1/2 container topped w/ some Kashi (which is around 100 calories) and I honestly felt no different in how my day went. I was hoping for my legs to be all mean and muscley or to all of sudden have super human endurance and abundant energy. But alas. I'm still same old slow pokey,
 un-muscley me =)
Speaking of food, here's what I usually have for my afternoon snack:
 If you knew how awesome blueberries and cottage cheese are, and have never told me, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. Friends dont let friends miss out on THIS kind of yum-er-ific-ness.

This has also been in my meal rotation alot lately: Quinoa Salad with Cumin-Lime dressing:
I top mine with a few tortilla chips and dig in. The original recipe called for  avacados, but avacados make my tummy feel like their is a bull fight going on in my gizzards (accompanied by many tiny fighting men trying to slash there way out). No bueno.

I'm trying to eat 'cleaner' to hopefully keep my weight down and my energy up.  Thanks to a bout of the flu around Christmas, my weight is JUST about where I want it.  I just need to lose the Pillsbury dough boy look that's taken over my mid-section. People dont believe me as I guess I've figured out how to conceal it well, but if you poke your finger into it, I might just giggle like the dough-boy (though I'd be just as likely to slap you, so play your cards wisely).


  1. Great training Anna! I also am a HUGE fan of blueberries and cottage cheese. I eat them rolled up in a crepe too!
    Way to refuel. It is so much better for you to do it right away :)

  2. Great training so far! Where are you running your first marathon? Those foods look great. Keep up the good work!

  3. Maybe I'll try to keep it up, Raina and see what it does in the long run =)
    Jodi, I'm doing the Lincoln full marathon in Lincoln, NE! It's about an hour away so it'll also be the only race I've dont that's not in my home town) and its starts at 7am which is the EARLIEST race I've ever done!! EEK!

  4. Yum I love quinoa and that looks like a great new way to have it. Good job on a fast mile!!

  5. It was the first time I'd had quinoa! I love it! Two of my 5 kiddos love it too-but plain w/ salt on it! I'm looking forward to trying it in more recipes