Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 17-13 miles! And PowerGel review

Feb 17: 13 mi run (10:19 avg pace)
Started out around 6:40...23* out

Love the morning sunrise...this is just leaving our subdivision....

*At the end of the first mile. Bring it on, long run!

So, this was my first time to ever try a 'gel'. I was nervous as I wanted the gel to be a one-way ticket type of food item. Had no clue what it would do to my innards...

Anyway. It was fairly easy to open. The size wasnt too big either so I was able to put it into my 'pouch' that I loop onto my Nathan Hydration belt (I'll have to take a picture of it sometime and post it).  I took 1/2 of the pouch at mile 4.5 with 4oz of water and then stuck it back in its baggie and put it in the pouch.  I really do feel like I had a little more pep in my step about a mile later. Could have been the car that zoomed by me outta nowhere going mach 9 though. *shrug*

I actually sorta liked the flavor too. It WAS chocoate though and you really cant go wrong with chocolate (though it would have been 9 kinds of better if they could have incorporated nuts somehow....).  The taste reminded me of fudge mixed with caramel. There was a teeny bit of funky after taste but it didnt last long.

Here I am at mile 10 when I took the last 1/2 of the gel.  Drank 4 oz of water again. My neck gaiter and hat seem to be closing the deal on eating my face. Weird.

I ran around this pond close to my house. I love how it looks like I'm wearing a long skirt in my shadow.  I'm not THAT awesome.

There were quite a few ducks! These ones behind me were all sleeping and I was like, Native-American-wearing-swaggy-moccasins kind of quiet so as not to disturb their slumber (I got 5 kids people, I'm the queen of keep-the-kids-sleeping)...

**big bullyish geese out on the pond. Probably throwing gang signs at me or something. They're not a friendly bunch....

As you can see, I wasnt quiet enough going thru the group and they popped up and starting waddling away...and apparently turned radio-active at the same time.  Remind me not to go swimming in that water....

Here's what I had to do to complete this run. If you read my last post, you'll know these are my old shoes that are supposed to be celebrating their retirement. But my left foot is still scared of my new shoes so I wore these.  A few miles in it become VERY clear that I wasnt going to be able to complete the mileage without some assistance so I had to whip off one of my gloves and shove it in my shoe again. There has to be a classier way to do this right?  I had to stop and readjust the glove a time or 5...

Here's what it looked like on the inside.  And yep, those fingers were flopping everywhere during my run just adding another flavor to my varieties of crazysauce

I was super bummed that I couldnt run with my buddies this morning (they did an awesome 14 miles out on one of  my favorite trails).  Hoping to get a run in with them in the next few weeks (we're due for a big snowstorm this week, so I hear). Rumor has it hat Jim Cantore from the weather channel is actually planning to be in our area for this storm!  Guess I better make sure to tie a rope to the barn and put Bessie in her stall (and buy lots of s'mores ingredients)...Bring it on, Mr Blizzard! This girl's ready for you!

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