Saturday, August 18, 2012

The past week...

10 mi run with the buds!

It has been a good week. Temps have been cooler here in the good ol Cornhusker state, going as far as to feel a bit fall like. After several record breaking HOT days this summer, we actually broke a record on the 17th that hasnt been matched in over a hundred years-the low was 48*. FORTY EIGHTY degrees! In August!! In Nebraska!!!  Pinch me now.

Aug 10, Friday: 11mi bike ride. Triple B today. Bike-bible-banana.  Odd combo? Maybe. But it was awesome. Rode out about 5.5 miles, stopped for a Banana Break (Ha! Another 'b'!) and to read my Bible. Had that on my check list of things to do-read my bible on a ride. (Well, not ON a ride, I'm definitely no where NEAR that realm of coordinated). 

Aug 12, Sunday: 7 mi run (10:48 avg pace). 'Twas weird. I had cramps, twinges and tightness in all sorts of strange places the first 4-5 miles of this run. It was like an alien was trying to take over my body.  Had to walk a few times. BUT I am proud that I stuck with it and got it done. I felt fine later (nothing a little chocolate wouldnt fix-just not after midnight)  =)

Aug 14, Tuesday: 2  mi warm up (9:48 avg pace), 2.1mi tempo (8:28 avg pace), 75 push ups (25 x 3 sets)  It was 56* at 6am this morning. I really thought I might have heard a chorus of angels as I stepped outside that morning. Or maybe that was just crazy people who live in my head. Potato Potawto.

Aug 15, Wednesday: 10 min warm up on the elliptical (2.2mi), upper and lower body weights, 3 sets planks (100-90-80 seconds each), 3 sets wall squats (1 min each)  I can get thru a whole lot of punishment in the pain cave with Jon and Kate plus 8 yelling in my ear.  Is that weird?

Aug 16, Thursday: 4mi run with friends (10:44 avg pace, 153 avg HR)  I think this was our 2nd time to run on this new trail (its the same trail I use to bike). It was a great run as it was a nice morning and its always fun to run with friends. Its also nice that they put up with my mindless chatter. God love 'em.

Aug 17, Saturday: 10 mi run (10:44 avg pace 163 avg HR)  It was 50* this morning when I met up with my running friends (see pic above). Chilly!  It was sort of dark and creepy when we first started out around the lake. I was totally prepared for all manner of ghost, goblin or grizzly bear to jump out of the shrubbery at us with me using my scrunchie like a sling shot as my only line of defense.  Ok Ok, maybe not the grizzly bear, that's a little far fetched....But we came thru unscathed. My friend Deb also came along on her bike and kept us company (that's her hubby in the picture with us).  It was a glorious morning after we warmed up.  I had planned to do around 8 (or 7.4 since that is what one time around the Lake will get 'cha), but opted to do the full 10 with my friends (the 2 people flanking me have never done 10 miles before so it was kind of a big deal for them and I felt honored to be sharing the occasion with them!) 

I have my next race coming up this weekend. It's the Ted E Bear Hollow Race and it was the first 5K I ever participated in WAAAAY back in Aug 2010. My time that year was 32:19, last year it was 27:xx (I dont really remember) so I am hoping I can keep it in the 27s again this year or drop it down a bit.

Food has been hit or miss this week. I have had a couple 'hey that wasnt so bad!' kind of days and then I had other days where I feel like my face never left the refrigerator (or the chip bag. or the cookie box)....why cant apples taste like reese's peanut butter cups?!

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! First off, I agree, why CAN'T apples or anything else for that matter taste like chocolate and peanut butter?!?! Second, you're chatter is never mindless and if I can speak for all the other runners, we LOVE running with you! :) Third, you are inspiring on so many levels and so funny I was laughing while reading this whole blog!!! I need to try that bike, banana, bible. Now that I've got my physical muscles in tip-top shape I need to start strengthening my spiritual ones! You ROCK ANNA!!!!