Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here I am!

Well, I thought it would be fitting to post here now since its ALMOST my one year anniversary from posting. That has to be SOME kind of record, right? I'm really surprised my blog hasn't rusted over and become inusable. But alas, I can pick it up, dust it off and get it working for me again. Thank you Jesus for technology.

Well, what's happened this year?

I ran The Papillion 1/2 marathon for the 2nd time (and my 2nd 1/2 marathon EVER). Last year my time was 2:08 and change, this year, 1:59 and change!!! I really didnt think I had it in me. This course is pretty hilly and is pretty much all up the hill the last 1.5 miles.  TOUGH stuff. Felt like I was going to 'de-food' so I knew I gave it my all.  Yay me.

Then 8 days later I ran the BoysTown Memorial Day 5 mile which is pretty hilly and WOW was it tough. Hilly, a later race (start time was 8:30) LOTS of spots with full sun AND just coming 8 days off my 1/2.  BUT I did it in under 50 minutes (9:05 avg) so I was cool wid' it.

                                             BOYSTOWN 5 mi run May 2012

And just for added cuteness, here's my little boy running around the track in the fieldhouse after the race. I believe this was lap 3 or 4-he's a MANIAC and I think he's going to be lightening fast like his Papa (cuz the good Lord KNOWS that doesnt come from me!) =)

Since then I have only run one other race. The Siena Francis House 5K/10K (I do the 10K cuz I'm a rockstar like that).  Last year I placed in my age group and my overall pace was around 8:50 I believe. This year I placed again but my overall pace was around 9:50!! Crazy what 80* temps and FULL sun will do to your pace...*irked*  BUT I gave it all I had for that day and that's all I can ask. And hey, I DID get my picture taken with a TROPHY so at least people will THINK I was fast.  =)

Overall though, this has been a hard 4-5 months. I've gotten off the good eatin' bandwagon and have resorted back to my 'anti-portion control' self.  Workouts have been good though. I'm running 3-4 days a week, doing weights 1-2x a week (depending on how often I bike), biking 1-2x a week) and TRYING to get 1 rest day in there. Earlier this year I was up to doing 100 push ups! Ok ok, so its 20 reps x 5 sets, but still. Last year around this time I could BARELY do one push up, so this is quite an improvement! The most I did this year at one time was 40, but then my shoulder felt wonky the next day so I decided I JUST might not be ready for THAT kind of punishment.  Now I am doing around 80 push ups 2x a week.

Anyway, I am hoping to be more consistent in my random jottings here and thereby HOPEFULLY encouraging myself to get back on the right track and leave this 'whole-pack-of-cookies' nonsense in the dust!

Any tips or words of encouragement welcome!!!


  1. Anna! So glad to see you posting again! It's easy to fall off the wagon in so many ways, but each day is a new day.
    Nice work with the half marathon PR!

  2. Just found your blog via Hungry Runner Girl. I'm enjoying reading all your running posts. :)
    I am a new runner- just started running in January and am slowly working to improve my speed and endurance! Running is amazing, but I especially love how it brings people together even hundreds of miles a part!!
    It so exciting to see you are a Mom (and a homeschool Mom!) who still makes time to run! I want to have a family someday and homeschool my kids (I was homeschooled) and I often worry that I won't have time to keep up with my running.

  3. Hi! Found your blog after we became friends on DailyMile! :) I also ran the Papillion Half and the Boys Town Run this year! Papillion is one of my favorite half's to run. Have you done the Leprechaun Chase? It reminds of me of the Boys Town course...only not so hilly!

  4. Thanks Raina, I was pretty proud of it!
    Thanks Lizzie! I agree, running is such a 'bringer-together' type activity, love all the friends I've made thru it. I run before my kidlets are awake though my 12 yr old girl wants to start running with me (she is my early riser thankfully so hopefully I can get her going before too long) =)