Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug 30 and 31st workouts

Aug 30: elliptical 10 minutes, 2 miles
'mill hike 20 minutes, 1.2 miles
planks for 90, 80, and 70 seconds
5 sets of 'man' push ups: 7,7,7,7,10
upper body weights

Aug 31:3mi run, 41:43 (no that is not a typo), 13:53 avg pace
................a lesson learned today, if you are going to run with a group, MIGHT be a good idea to find out the pace they plan to run at before you commit. I was suppose to run with a friend of mine (new friend-only ran with her once before-she headed the LifeGate race that I ran back in April). She and a couple other ladies were going to meet at a lake close to my house at 5:30 this morning. She said they (the other ladies) would probably run a slower pace but she would run 10:30 with me (which is about the pace I hoped to keep this morning).
I got there and met the other 2 ladies-SUPER nice. We wait for 10minutes and the other gal hasnt shown up, so we decided to head out on our own. Ya wanna know the splits? Mile 1-13:13, Mile 2-14:39, Mile 3-13:49...It was really hard for me to run this slow AND I had a time restraint as well. One of the gals normally runs around an 11min mile she told me at the end, but the other gal said this was actually a little speedy for her, so she must run closer to a 15min mile.
It was pretty dark there at 5:30 and thankfully one of the gals had a flashlight (apparently the gal who was suppose to come wears a head lamp thing-a-ma-bob and brings her big Rottweiler with her. However, we felt brave enough to give it a go with a little ol' handheld beam and our own hands for defense. I think the only thing I could have beat up this morning would have been a questionably shaped bush).
I am running with this same group again Saturday morning but it will be a larger group and I think I have some 'outside' friends who are coming along. I'm kind of looking forward to it! PLUS it will be light out this time so if I need to run ahead, I'll feel comfortable doing that.

Most likely I'll be doing some upper body and core work tomorrow and maybe some cross training (mill hike or elliptical).

My girls took my Garmin out again today. They ran a full 1/2 mile this time (Monday it was like .42 miles) and dropped their pace down from 11:30 to 10:18. They were pretty proud of themselves =)

Raising the next generation right? YOU KNOW IT!!

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  1. I've found I enjoy running with someone else...but can't do it often because I run intervals (2 min run/1 min walk). I still finished my last half marathon at a 11:06 per mile pace.....its' just intervals of faster running (mid 8's) and walking. I don't know many runners that do the same thing...or close to it.