Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Past week

It has been SO nice to put one foot in front of the other in a speedy fashion. Oh running how I have missed thee!! Still easing myself back into it, but it feels nice none the less. Here are the workouts for the last week...

July6: Elliptical 40min, 8.6mi, situps 50x3

July 8: 2.5mi 'mill run, 27:15 (in my old shoes), sit ups, planks (75,70, 65 seconds), week 6 day 1 of the 100 pushup challenge

July 10: 4.5mi run, 48:24 (10:45 pace) in my old shoes, Splits: 1(11:08) 2(10:33) 3(10:44) 4(10:26), .5 (11:07 pace)...it was quite humid this day but I am thankful I got out before the ABSURD heat set in

July 11: 1.45mi 'mill hike (3-10%), 25:00.....4.65mi tempo elliptical, 20:00....lower body weights (only used 5# weights as its my first time coming back to lower body weights in 2 weeks)....sit ups/ planks (75,70, 65) and week 6 day 1 of the 100 pushup challenge. PLUS I managed to squeeze in a 10mi bike ride before putting the kids to bed! YAY!!!

July 12: 3mi 'mill run 31:30 (new shoes), upper body weights, 3x70 crunches (the 2nd set was alternating knee twists-I did 140 of those so it would be like 70 per side)

With not running for all of the last week, and not really watching too closely what I was eating, I put on 4#'s !! I was so discouraged as I was ONE pound away from my goal of 100#'s. PLUS my mom made FRESH zucchini bread for our yard sale last weekend and *I* made snickerdoodles, so needless to say 1 or 42 of them got eaten by me. No seriously, from the time I got up on Saturday until dinner I ate and ate and ate (all zucchini bread and snickerdoodles!!) whoops.
I was 105# Sunday morning and really watched what I ate that day (day ended w/ a total of around 1,230 calories) and I was 104.8 the next morning (Mon)....did well again yesterday (a little higher though-ended a little over 1,400) and I was 104# this morning so I am hopeful I can get back down to 101 in a week or two.
I've been trying to eat healthy meals, which usually isnt a problem for me, its just all that inbetween meal snacking!
Here was my snack yesterday:

1/4c 1% cottage cheese, about 1/2 a cucumber, a few baby carrots, 4 cherries, and 1/2 a nectarine (holy buckets that nectarine was SOOOO good!!)

I am hoping today to keep the calories under 1,400, though under 1,300 would be even better =)

Hope you are all doing well with your fitness and nutrition goals!


  1. I really like your workout schedule!

    I have days like that too, where you feel like you eat from sun up to sun down! Don't get discouraged!

    Great job!

  2. I have been terrible with my eating! Maybe you will inspire me! :)

    You do a LOT of ab work. That is terrific! Smart cookie to keep the weights light for the first time back. Keep up the hard work!

  3. Hello! LInked to you through the Whole Foods Lifestyle board at tfc. Your blog is very inspirational! I am starting a new workout routine, running and cycling mainly. :)